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Albanna Pediatrics
3288 Cove Bend Drive
Tampa, FL 33613
Tel: (813) 979-4435


Dr. Albanna has over 15 years of experience in pediatrics. He attends yearly continuing medical education seminars and conferences to strengthen his knowledge and stay informed on the latest developments in pediatrics. Dr. Albanna has been a resident of Tampa since the mid 90s and is very familiar with the many cultures that surround the Tampa Bay area.

Dr. Albanna is a graduate of University of Jordan Medical School. He received residency training at the University of Florida Health Sciences Center, and received fellowship training at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Throughout his training, Dr. Albanna received many awards, including The Best Resident Award. He also participated in research and publications. Dr. Albanna is licensed in the State of Florida. He received board certification from the American Board of Pediatrics in the year 1993 and continues to maintain his certification. Dr. Albanna has participated in teaching medical students and has inspired many young students to choose the medical field.

Dr. Albanna is accessible via answering service 24/7. When you are an established patient and have a question for the Doctor, the Doctor will answer your questions.